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Some Common problems people often say and think when considering Search Engine Optimization and online marketing: We have also put forth some common solutions.

P: We are in a recession, sales are slow
S: Don’t take part in the recession. Use it as a tool to get a leg up on your competition. Historically, the way businesses have pulled through deep recessions is by advertising more. That is correct. When sales slow down, it is necessary to find more customers. By using our services we guarantee more customers! The more potential customers you have, the more sales you make, the greater your market share increases, the better you are positioned to not only pull through the recession, but to pull through ahead of the competition.

P: Advertising is too expensive
S: Advertising can be expensive, but ultimately necessary for sustained growth. We believe finding the proper balance in advertising expenditures is the key. Advertising is only too expensive when you do not see results. Using our services you will be able to cut back on other non-targeted (wasteful) advertising and “drill down” to your target market. We can save you money while generating a more effective advertising campaign.

P: I don’t have a website.
S: Not a problem. Our staff specializes in strategic web design, and we can tailor the optimal site to fit your needs. Our pricing is well below the industry standard and can be fit to any budget. We are able to do this simply because of efficiency in our own business. We reduce overhead via efficiency in many ways, and this we pass on to our clients.

P: I know how to use the internet, but that’s about it.
S: Our team works with clients at all levels of technical comprehension from computer science gurus to potato farmers (no offense to the potato farmers). It is not pertinent that you understand the complexity of the internet as long as you understand how it can bring greater prosperity to your business. We are here to make the complex simple.

P: I don’t know where to begin with online advertising.
S: That is a common concern and is listed in our FAQ’s. We at TAS have made this a simple procedure. We customize a few keywords (with your input) and put together a package. At that point we can run a test campaign to determine the effectiveness. With TAS, there are no contracts (unless desired) so that you can feel comfortable your advertising campaign produces results. We are happy to send reports detailing newly acquired customers.

P: I don’t know which keyword terms to use.
S: Yes you do. Well, maybe not yet, but with help, together we will find the right phrases. As a business owner, you know what people would say if they were asking for your services. It is our job to fine-tune those “words” into targeted search phrases that produce results. The right keywords will bring customers to your website that are specifically searching for the product/service you provide.

P: My Current Advertising is Expensive
S: As discussed above, advertising is a tricky subject. That is why, especially in today’s economy, advertising without seeing and understanding the results is futile. Try an effective advertising solution and change your problem from advertising is too expensive to how do I deal with the influx of customers.

P: I already have online advertising – why should I switch to T.A.S?
S: This is also addressed in FAQ’s. We are willing to beat any of our competitor’s prices and our one on one personal customer service is phenomenal. We understand business needs, and that is why we are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week for our clients. Our business model represents a long awaited paradigm shift. Many of our clients have are so satisfied with our service that they have made themselves accessible to answer some of your questions. Contact us for a client list.

SEO Solutions by TAS

Bring Customers to You – Targeted Advertising Solutions Does your company effectively leverage the power of the internet to market itself? Does your website accurately reflect the industry, services and products your company offers? Can potential customers easily find you on the web? With the constant evolution of advertising online, businesses fall behind without the help of specialists. Targeted Advertising Solutions offers SEO solutions to keep your company ahead of the competition, allowing smart decisions now to yield important future growth.