We understand that privacy is important to you. It is important to us too. The Targeted Advertising Solutions privacy policy details how we use the information we gather when you use the Targeted Advertising Solutions.com website and when you subscribe to Targeted Advertising Solutions services. We have the highest expectations of privacy for ourselves and seek to deliver the same level of privacy to our customers.

Information Collected
The only data collected by Targeted Advertising Solutions is that information which is explicitly provided during the sign-up for Targeted
Advertising Solutions marketing services or during ongoing support and maintenance of the account. This information can be separated into three categories: Billing Information: Information that is used when verifying your credit card information and for correspondences related to your account. Business Information: Information that is related to your business including, but not limited to, its location, products, and services. Support Information: Information that is gathered related to your account in order to provide the best possible customer service. This may include the storing of emails and notes related to customer support issues.

How This Data is UsedĀ 
The data provided to Targeted Advertising Solutions is used to create optimized local listings on behalf of your business. This requires that the business information provided to Targeted Advertising Solutions be shared with the local search providers included in the program. Business Information is never shared for any reason other than to create a listing within a local search providers application. Business information will not be shared with a company that does not meet Targeted Advertising Solutions high standards for search quality and integrity. Billing Information is never shared, sold, or rented in any form except in the case of legal requirements. Support Information is never shared, sold, or rented in any form except in the case of legal requirements.

Credit Card InformationĀ 
Targeted Advertising Solutions does not directly save any credit card information. All credit card processing is done via our processing partnership. Paypal processing offers industry leading security and privacy guarantees. Our partnership with paypal junction allows us to focus on delivering world-class marketing products and gives our customers the piece of mind that their credit card information is completely safe and secure.

Protecting Your Information
Targeted Advertising Solutions uses industry standard or above procedures to secure and protect the information you provide us. As noted above, no credit card information is stored by Targeted Advertising Solutions directly. Paypal provides safe and secure credit card processing on our behalf. Targeted Advertising Solutions seeks to offer world-class services and products while providing world-class privacy. If you have any questions about these terms or any question in general, please feel free to contact us at info@igetfound.com