Lets Create

At TAS we believe in high quality web design, seo friendly and fully functional dynamic websites that are marketable, scale-able, and usable. A website must look attractive but it also must function. By ‘functioning” what we mean is not simply that you can click links and view it, but rather that it achieves its purpose. For all business, this is different.

If you own and operate an eCommerce store you require a friendly checkout system that guides the user. You also require a hierarchy of categories that is easy to navigate and allows the user to easily find their product. You also require quick load times, secure socket layer certificates, privacy policy and terms and conditions. An e-commerce store may require illustrations to help the user make a quick easy purchase so they don’t simply open a new window and do a new search for a new website.

If you offer a local service to the community you may require live chat, or a simple form that is reachable from any page. Often local keywords can enhance search engine results and you need the right density. You may require a portfolio or interactive testimonials of past work to prove to your potential customer / visitor that you are worthy of their business.

If you require a social network or a blog to acquire a large user base, you may need social tool-bars, or the functionality to easily acquire facebook likes and twitter followers. Perhaps you need a support forum for user interaction.

We make all these things work. We create sites that keep the users, no matter what the situation may be.

We utilize social media, full scaled SEO, and even adwords or other online marketing tactics to meet the needs of our clients.

That is what we mean by “Lets Create”