What is Pay-Per-Click?
With over 100 million people using search engines, appearing on targeted search terms can make or break your business. Effective pay-per-click strategies will immediately place your business on the first page of your desired Search Engines, driving significant traffic to your website the same day your campaign begins.

At Targeted Advertising Solutions we understand each client has specific needs based on the size of their business, available resources, industry, competitors and future plans. Whether you want to maximize the number of visitors or lower your cost/conversion, we help you determine achievable goals and set an effective strategy.

How does Pay-Per-Click work? 4 Simple Steps:
1. Targeted Advertising Solutions creates a list of keywords that represent the many possible search terms potential customers might use in their searches. The keyword list we develop is based on the products or services you sell.

2. We write targeted text ads using those keywords and then upload our keyword lists to the major search engines.

3. Your text ads appear in the sponsored links sections whenever someone conducts a search using those keywords.

4. Searchers click on your ads and are directed to the most relevant page of your website, where you can then convert them into a paying customer.